12 Days of Examas - February

Exploring February 2017

After getting back from the Bett Show, our sales team spend a whole lot of time following up on the leads they pick up at the event. However, that definitely doesn’t mean that everything else stops, with a whole lot happening at Exa through February 2017.

First off, we released an early version of our SurfProtect Analytics feature. Part of the wide-ranging, ongoing redesign and improvement of our content filtering service, SurfProtect, the analytics panel is designed to give users a full-on view of how their Internet connection is being used, viewing the sites and searches happening every day. We’ve recently launched a new version of Analytics - stay tuned for more info, or check out our Analytics blog post to find out more.

Beyond this, February saw the launch of two fantastic voucher schemes for SMEs around Yorkshire. With technology being able to completely reinvent how a business performs, it’s important that smaller companies are able to access the tech that can make a real difference. However, relatively high price tags often leave SMEs unable to invest. As such, over 2017, we’ve been supporting a number of fantastic voucher schemes designed to improve access to tech, including our ultrafast DarkLight service and more, two of which were launched back in February.

The first of these programmes was the Digital Enterprise Voucher scheme, designed to reach and benefit companies placed around the Leeds City Region, including Bradford and nearby areas. Initially, Digital Enterprise offered Digital Growth Vouchers, cutting thousands off the cost of business-benefiting technology. This programme has ended, but Digital Enterprise are still running their Connectivity Voucher scheme, cutting a full £1000 off the cost of introducing ultrafast connectivity - a major advantage for SMEs.

Covering the whole of South Yorkshire, the SFSY Voucher Scheme works in a somewhat different way. Two kinds of vouchers are available - Innovation vouchers, halving the cost (up to £12499) of new technology, while Connectivity vouchers cut between £500 and £2500 off the cost on introducing ultrafast connectivity.

Demonstrating the Graph view from our new SurfProtect analytics panel

Some of the fantastic SFSY vouchers for South Yorkshire SMEs