12 Days of Examas - August

August 2017 at Exa Networks

We’re focused on making sure that our customers get the best possible performance across their Internet services. As such, in August 2017, we started providing customers with market-leading FortiGate firewalls created by Fortinet, replacing our previous firewall options, delivering better performance at a lower cost.

With Fortinet’s industry-leading security research, customers using FortiGate firewalls are more protected, with real-time updates quickly cutting off a significant number of potential vulnerabilities, and complete customisation available through the impressive FortiOS framework.

Across August, our networking team worked on a major upgrade of our core network capacity, allowing us to support more traffic - particularly important with ultrafast connectivity becomes more and more popular with our customers. Our network now features 100 Gbps fibre, streamlining and improving our services.

With the network upgrade adding a huge amount of extra capacity, we decided to use some of it to give DarkLight customers even better value for money. We’ve upgraded all of our current and future sub-gigabit connections by at least 200 Mbps at absolutely no additional cost to the customer.

This means that DarkLight speeds now start at an incredible, symmetrical 300 Mbps for just £299 + VAT a month (paid annually), replacing our previous 100 Mbps speed. We’ve also replaced our £349 + VAT 300 Mbps service with 500 Mbps, and our £399 + VAT 500 Mbps tier now delivers an incredible 750 Mbps speed.

A look at the new speeds provided by DarkLight, and the prices customers pay for them