12 Days of Examas - April

Exa events through April 2017

While there wasn’t a huge amount of news for Exa Networks across April, that doesn’t mean that nothing was happening - throughout the month, we were running our comprehensive annual reviews for all staff, taking a look at every part of performance, and working to deliver even better service across the board.

Along with the reviews, our team started work on a complete redesign of our main website, working to create a more modernised, user-friendly service, stripping out the outdated former site as part of a total digital overhaul.

After work’s done, Exa director Michael Syree hosts a monthly coding club in the Exa Office, with visitors exploring robotics, digital design and more. With club members all getting ready to head to University in September, they decided to work on one last project, designing, building and programming a robot from scratch to take part in PiWars, a national competition where amateur robot-builders compete in a number of tests exploring agility, speed, control and more.

Impressively, the ExaBot team took home the first prize in their division, with the robot placing in the top three for 5 of the 7 total events, ultimately winning the challenging obstacle course trial. Check out our PiWars blogs to find out more about how the competition went.

The Exabot team from this year's PiWars competition

An front-facing view of the finished Exabot