Tomorrow: #exabytes17!

Opening up #exabytes17

The big day’s almost here - tomorrow, we’ll be running #exabytes17, our conference on every side of classroom technology run by, covering everything from BBC micro:bit and Raspberry Pi to curriculum help and far more.

With a whole lot of teachers set to visit #exabytes this year, we’re looking forward to putting on a truly useful, unforgettable event for all visitors. We’ve put together some last-minute information to help make sure that your #exabytes17 is every bit as good as it can be.

Below, you’ll find a pdf version of the programme we’ve created for delegates - just click through to take a look through the final schedule, with information on every session for the show.


Getting to #exabytes17 and the Bradford TeachMeet

We’ve made sure that #exabytes17 and the Bradford TeachMeet that we’re hosting tonight are as easy to get to as possible. Taking place at Bradford’s luxurious Midland Hotel, #exabytes and the TeachMeet are right next to the Bradford Forster Square train station (just a few minutes walk from the Bradford Interchange), just a couple of minutes from central Bradford.

With the day set to be completely packed, #exabytes17 will kick off strictly at 9 AM, so don’t be late! If you’ve not travelled to Bradford during the morning before, it’s worth being aware that traffic often gets quite busy - make sure to set off early! Below, you’ll see the Midland’s location via Google Maps - call us at 0345 145 1234 if you’re not sure of the best way to get to #exabytes.

Sessions at #exabytes17

There’s a whole lot planned for this year’s #exabytes conference, with over 30 great sessions set for the day, covering a truly diverse range of areas and subjects. Below, we’ve posted a picture of the timetable for this year’s event, helping you decide what to visit.


Still not sure what to pick? When you arrive tomorrow, you’ll get a programme with comprehensive information on the sessions and events set to run through #exabytes17 - but don’t hesitate to ask if you’ve got any questions!

Rooms at #exabytes17

We’re running sessions in 6 different rooms around the Midland Hotel (along with some , covering 3 floors. We’ve provided a map in all programmes to help you get around, along with signage through the hotel. The rooms are located as follows:

Ground Floor:

Princes Ballroom: Hosting the keynote speeches and closing plenary, along with some of the sessions which we expect high attendance for.

Reception: We’ll be setting up in the Midland Hotel’s lobby to welcome our guests to #exabytes17, along with handing out programmes, name badges, and any information that you need!


Pullman Room: As one of our Raspberry Pi rooms, this room covers a number of the classroom uses for the Pi, including sessions on using Pi in non-Computing subjects.

Wyvern Room: Equipped with a number of Raspberry PiTops, this room is set to cover a wide range of Pi-related topics, from lessons on Python to a number of Minecraft-based sessions.

Forster Suite: With several laptops set up, the Forster Suite will be hosting several hands-on sessions on cybersecurity, along with several in-depth workshops.

French Ballroom: Our designated refreshment area through the day, the French Ballroom will be serving coffee throughout the day, as well as hosting the two lunch sessions (designed to give guests a chance to see as much as possible through the day)

Floor 3:

Conference Centre: Designed to host several of the panel events at #exabytes this year, this large room is ideal for debate and discussion.

Blue 3: Hosting several of the more specialised sessions at #exabytes17, topics in this room range from VR introductions to discussion on advanced topics in Computing.