31 Reasons to head to #exabytes17

Find out about #exabytes17

Across the year, our exa.foundation travels across the country, running Computing events for learners, enthusiasts and teachers, covering everything from teaching the Computing curriculum to Digital Making - and far more.

Probably the biggest event in the exa.foundation calendar is our #exabytes conference, a teacher-led event designed to explore every side of technology in the classroom, built to be accessible for teachers with any level of experience or interest in the area.

We’re getting ready for our second annual #exabytes show, set to take place on the 7th of July at Bradford’s Midland Hotel (right next to the Bradford Forster Square station), so throughout May, we’ve been posting some great reasons why you should book your tickets for #exabytes17!

Below, we’ve summarised each day’s post, along with a link to the posts on our exa.foundation blog - head over to our EventBrite page for more information, and to book your tickets for the conference!

Our 31 Ways in May

1: We ran #exabytes for the first time last year - this time, we’ve got a far more solid foundation, and we’ll be working to make the show even better than last year’s conference!

2: #exabytes17 is designed for teachers, by teachers. Every one of the presentations and workshops is designed to help you out, whether it’s exploring a new idea or giving practical examples for various topics.

3: Rather uniquely, #exabytes sessions are voted on by the attendees - up until the 16th June, registered attendees can pick what they want to see at the show.

4: We’re subsidising a lot of the cost of #exabytes17, ensuring that tickets are cheaper than similar conferences, costing just £58.80 (or £10 if your school uses Exa’s Internet connectivity!).

5: While people are still voting on what they want to see at #exabytes17, you can expect a lot of topics to be covered through the day.

6: Last year, we got some fantastic reviews for #exabytes - so you don’t have to take our word for it when we say that the conference is going to be fantastic.

7: We’re planning to host over 30 sessions at #exabytes this year, covering a huge amount of ground through the day.

8: We’ve listened to all the feedback we received at #exabytes16 last year, so we’re making real changes to make the show even better this time round.

9: Along with fantastic sessions through the day, #exabytes is designed to give teachers some fantastic networking opportunities to meet peers from across the country.

10: Take a look at some of the best presentations and workshops from last year’s #exabytes conference, from robotics to Raspberry Pi.

11: #exabytes17 will be exploring a whole lot of ways in which you can get the best out of your current classroom technology, rather than looking at expensive new equipment.

12: This year, we’ll be kicking off #exabytes with a keynote from CAS Master Teacher/ primary Computing expert Phil Bagge, one of the most experienced and interesting speakers in the field!

13: Throughout #exabytes17, you’ll have the opportunity to discover a huge range of genuinely useful teaching resources - we’ve also linked a few here.

14: #exabytes is a lot more hands-on than other conferences, giving you the chance to get to grips with a lot of areas, from coding workshops to practical Computing.

15: With teachers from all levels set to be presenting at #exabytes17, you’ll get the chance to explore tried and testing teaching methods throughout the day.

16: Now’s really the best time to book for #exabytes17 - closer to the event itself, it’ll be more difficult to arrange time off and cover for the day, so don’t miss out!

More great reasons to head to #exabytes17

17: We’re expecting even better attendance at this year’s #exabytes than we had last year - we’re currently aiming to bring in around 100 teachers for the day, giving you even more opportunities to meet other teachers.

18: The day before #exabytes17, we’re also hosting a Bradford TeachMeet, giving visitors another fantastic opportunity to discover and share new methods and resources for the classroom

19: At #exabytes17, you’ll get the chance to explore every side of Digital Making, focusing on the practical side of Computing.

20: Wondering what assessment apps genuinely help in the classroom? We’ll be assessing them at #exabytes17.

21: Interactive fiction can be a great tool to use when you’re exploring various subjects in class - find out how to get the very best from programs like Twine when you visit #exabytes17!

22: With Cybersecurity on a lot of people’s minds at the moment, we’ll be taking some time to explore the best ways in which to introduce classes to the topic at our conference.

23: Whatever topic you’re wondering about, you’ll find an answer at #exabytes, with teachers with a huge range of experience and expertise there to help with any area.

24: There’s absolutely no disguised sales pitches at #exabytes. We’re making sure that every session is about giving you genuinely useful information, not about selling you anything.

25: With a whole lot of experts around, we’ll be running several sessions on how to get the best out of teaching Python in the classroom, from using it in conjunction with Minecraft to more abstract functions.

26: In the year since the BBC micro:bit was launched, teachers have developed an incredible range of ways in which to use the devices - take a look at some of the best projects and possibilities for microbit at #exabytes17!

27: We’re really focused on making sure that there’s something for everybody at #exabytes17, whether you’re interested in Digital Making and robotics, or more curriculum-focused learning.

28: At #exabytes17, we’ll be taking some time to explore the various ways in which schools have implemented tablet and BYOD schemes - and how they’ve worked out for teachers and classrooms.

29: We’re working to make #exabytes17 the best event in the edtech calendar, covering a truly diverse range of subjects with unbiased advice and presentations from teachers from around the country.

30: The Digital Leaders scheme is designed to allow the most digitally confident students in a school to help support their teachers and classmates. At #exabytes17, you’ll have the chance to meet teachers who’ve put Digital Leader programs into effect, and find out how they’ve affected the classroom.

31: We’re proud to say that #exabytes has a truly fantastic audience, without who the conference just wouldn’t be a success. Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of #exabytes17!