Check out the first exabytes conference this June!

Explore technology in education at the new exabytes conference

We at Exa Education are proud to announce our new exabytes conference! Built to take a look at the role of technology in education, the exabytes conference will be taking place on the 23rd of June 2016 at the incredible Midland Hotel in Bradford. Through this page, we’ll be taking a look at just what makes the exabytes conference unique.

We’ve designed exabytes to help inspire and support Digital Makers while promoting the appropriate use of technology in education, and it’s aimed at teachers across the UK.

We’re looking to host a conference that’s open to teachers with any level of experience with technology. Whether you’re looking to start out with classroom technology or want to discuss the latest developments in edtech, exabytes will have something for you.

From the start, the exabytes conference is designed to give visitors an experience based around them. When you register for the conference, you’ll be able to pick topics you’re interested in - we’ll be planning workshops around what you want to hear and find out more about! We’ve posted an image of the topics list below to give you an idea of what you can see at exabytes, from computing curriculum planning to programming, teaching software and more!

List of topics for the exabytes conference

Presenters at the 2016 exabytes conference

We’ve put together an incredible list of presenters for the exabytes conference on technology in education. With over 20 amazing presenters set to appear at the conference, we don’t have enough room to tell you about the talent and experience each presenter brings to exabytes, but we’ve profiled a few of them below to give you an idea of what to expect.

José Picardo: The Assistant Principal at Surbiton High School, José Picardo has long been involved in edtech, regularly appearing in the TES and the Guardian with some standout articles. José will be giving a talk on using technology in an appropriate way - supporting learning without using tech for tech’s sake.

David Thomas: Guinness World Record breaker for memorisation, David Thomas is one of the UK’s most impressive keynote speakers, with his talks bringing together entertainment, motivation and plenty of quick-learn tricks for improving your memory.

Katharine Childs: Code Club manager and experienced computer teacher, Katharine Childs is an expert at helping Digital Makers learn everything from basic Scratch coding to Raspberry Pi use.

Tim Burnett: A major figure at BTL Learning & Assessment, Tim Burnett will be presenting a speech about the challenges - and future - of integrating technology with examinations.

Alan O’Donohoe: Leading up our Exa Foundation, Alan O’Donohoe is a 21-year ICT teaching veteran, and has been working to organise the exabytes conference. You can be sure of a great presentation from Alan, who has long been one of the most influential members of the Raspberry Pi community.

More information about the exabytes conference

The exabytes conference is a not-for-profit event - we’ll be using the fee to help subsidise and organise the conference. You can also be sure that the presentations will be free from sales pitches- they’re entirely designed around letting teachers explore and discuss the use of technology in education.

We’re hosting exabytes in Bradford’s Midland Hotel, a gorgeous and incredibly accessible building. You’ll find the Midland right next to the Bradford Forster Square train station, while Bradford Interchange is just a few minutes away for trains and coaches.

Throughout May, we’ll be running #31WaysInMay, a daily series taking a look at why the exabytes conference is worth your time. We’ve already linked the Twitter hashtag, but you can head over to our 31 Ways in May page if you’re looking for a more permanent record.