#exabytes is back for 2017!

Discover more about #exabytes

We’re very happy to announce that #exabytes, the fantastic CPD event exploring the uses and potentials of technology in education that we organise through our exa.foundation, is returning for another fantastic year!

Over the last year, we’ve been working to make sure that #exabytes17 is a truly unmissable event for teachers at any level, with any degree of interest in using technology to help them in and outside the classroom.

This year, #exabytes is running on Friday the 7th of July, at Bradford’s gorgeous Midland Hotel, conveniently placed right next to the Bradford Forster Square train station, making it easy for all attendees to reach the event.

When you visit our event, you can expect a fantastic range of events, along with some fantastic opportunities for meeting teachers working at your level and discovering new approaches to learning. #exabytes is a teacher-led event, so there’s no hidden sales pitches - the only place you’ll see sales going on is the exhibition area.

What’s planned for #exabytes17?

One of the more unique things about #exabytes is the fact that the programme’s entirely based on what our attendees want to see - making sure that everyone gets a chance to explore a topic they’re interested in. Right up until June the 16th, everyone who registers for #exabytes is able to vote on the programme itself, after which we’ll work to put together the final schedule of events.

Last year, we hosted more than 30 events across the day at #exabytes, with a number of rooms in the venue hosting varied sessions. We don’t use a track method - we make sure there’s enough time for visitors to get between the sessions that they want to see, so that they can get the absolute best out of what the show has to offer.

For 2017, we’re hoping to go even further with our events. Expect talks, demos and discussions on a huge range of topics inside the world of classroom technology, from discovering new teaching methods and approaches to using edtech to in-depth exploration of important topics.

Our 31 Ways in May

Taking time off work to visit a conference is often hard to justify, particularly for teachers. We really think that #exabytes has something to offer every teacher, so every day this May we’re going to be posting another fantastic reason to head over to #exabytes! You can see these reasons over on our exa.foundation blog - stay updated every day over on our @exaeducation Twitter!

Tickets for #exabytes17

Right now, you can book tickets for #exabytes17 through our #exabytes17 EventBrite page! #exabytes17 is a strictly non-profit event, with tickets priced cheaper than most other CPD events for teachers - the cost is to help us recoup part of the cost of hosting and organising the event.

Every ticket includes full access to #exabytes and every one of the events held through the day, along with a great buffet lunch provided by the venue. Tickets are just £58.80 including VAT, but if your school is an Exa customer, you’ll be able to get a major discount. Just give us a call and we’ll give you a code to drop the ticket down to just £10!