Introducing total VoIP flexibility with ExaVoice

Coming Soon: ExaVoice!

One of the most requested services from our customers, Internet Telephony(VoIP) can be a major game changer for both schools and businesses, cutting down the costs of making phone calls while adding a range of useful features that aren’t possible with standard phone systems.

Because we’re always working to give our customers exactly what they’re looking for, we’re proud to be introducing ExaVoice, our new VoIP Solution! We’ve worked to bring you a better option for your VoIP services, which combines great performance with total flexibility - and fantastic prices!

The new ExaVoice logo

What makes ExaVoice special?

Like all of our Internet services, ExaVoice is designed so that users can receive an excellent service package based around their specific requirements, with a huge range of options, from license and hardware options to a huge variety of optional extras. Beyond that, ExaVoice includes several key features and advantages:

Fixed Monthly Costs: Whatever you want to include in your ExaVoice service package, you’ll have a fixed monthly price, with many options including bundled handsets and monthly minutes - no confusion, just a single, low price to pay.

Easy to Manage: With our secure and highly customisable web interface, you’ll be able to change settings for your phones at any time, with a hugely diverse range of choices for both administrators and single users, letting you get the exact performance you require.

Flexible: From the start, our customisable packages let you pick exactly what you want with ExaVoice. You’ll also be able to change your package settings and options whenever you need a change, with absolutely no difficulty.

One Number Everywhere: For on-the-go users, ExaVoice Mobile User licenses let you use a single number from many devices via an app, along with checking voicemail and changing settings at any time.

Emergency Continuity: Because ExaVoice is Cloud-hosted, you’ll be able to make and receive calls through your service even if an emergency cuts off your physical connection temporarily.

Support: ExaVoice is completely supported by our in-house, award-winning customer service team, who work to deliver outstanding service, with unscripted, expert answers for any issue you experience.

Number Continuity: To ensure that you don’t have to make any unnecessary or inconvenient changes, ExaVoice lets you bring your current numbers onboard, rather than having to change.

Easy Setup: We deliver our handsets fully configured, so that they’re ready to go right out-the-box, letting you get quickly set up with ExaVoice.

When is ExaVoice launching?

Right now, we’re putting the final touches on ExaVoice, and rolling out some test packages for our customers. We’ll be launching ExaVoice for all of our customers - and anyone looking for a more flexible VoIP solution - very soon, so stay tuned to find out more! We’ll be bringing you the latest information through our @ExaNetworks Twitter account.

We’re also putting the final touches on a complete revamp for our main website, bringing it up to date with information on all the great Internet services that we provide for our customers!