What’s next for Exa Networks?

Moving towards 2017

While we were shortlisted for 4 categories at Thursday’s ISPA Awards, we didn’t take home any of the 2016 awards. We’d like to take the time to congratulate the winners, particularly our partners at F-Secure (who won the Security Award for their wide-ranging, powerful protection services) and the UK Safer Internet Centre, whose Safer Internet Day and dedication to keeping children safe online took home the Safety Award.

We think next year’s awards are going to be quite different - over the next few months we’re rolling out some great new services and bringing our customers a whole new level of service across our services! Now’s the perfect time to take a look over what’s coming up for Exa over the next few months, so read on to find out what’s coming up soon:

A look at the 2016 ISPA Awards

Next-gen content filtering with SurfProtect

Our SurfProtect content filtering system has always been one of the best choices available for schools looking to keep students safe online and businesses wanting to filter their Internet connections. Prioritising complete real-time customisability and high quality filtering, SurfProtect was built from the ground up to ensure that our customers get the exact level of filtering they’re looking for, and is completely free with any Exa Internet connection.

We’re working on releasing a completely new version of SurfProtect, redesigned to bring you some great new features, which we’ve grouped into three categories. Firstly, we’re bringing you an increased ease of use from one-click preset filtering options to simple profile management, simple reports on why pages are blocked and more. This means that it’s even easier to get the results you want at any time with SurfProtect.

Secondly, we’re offering greater flexibility through SurfProtect. Out of school filtering makes sure that school devices filter content even when they’re taken out of school - ideal for any school with a tablet or laptop programme. We’re also categorising keywords more clearly for selective filtering, while allowing you to prioritise filtering policies however you want.

Finally, the new version of SurfProtect gives you increased control over what’s filtered. Certain file types (like .exe, .ppt and other extensions) can be blocked from download entirely, giving you a higher level of protection against viruses and harmful macros. Our new system also ensures that sites can be given multiple levels of classification to more accurately describe their content and give you a higher degree of control over filtering.

We’ll be bringing you a more in depth look at SurfProtect when it’s launched - watch this space!

The SurfProtect content filtering logo

Multi-gigabit DarkLight Internet expands to more cities

DarkLight is the future of Internet connectivity. Built to give businesses and schools ultrafast, flexible, reliable and future proofed connections, DarkLight ensures that you’ll never need to install another Internet connection - you can upgrade your speeds at any time with no need for additional construction.

We’re currently only able to provide DarkLight to a few major cities around the UK, but our reach is growing steadily - along with launch cities Bradford and Leeds, we now offer multi-gigabit connectivity in Milton Keynes and Northampton. Over the coming months, we’ll be bringing DarkLight to more cities, giving you the chance to get world-class Internet speeds at a lower cost than leased line connectivity.

DarkLight's logo

More exa.foundation computing events

We started exa.foundation as a way of giving back to the community, running a wide range of computing related events. We’ve organised training events for teachers looking to get into teaching Computing qualifications, Raspberry Jams for young creators, family-themed computing events and the incredible exabytes conference on technology in education - all receiving some great reviews from attendees!

In the coming months, we’re going to be running even more foundation events, with July seeing Python camps, looks at the fundamentals of GCSE Computing and more. We’re also planning on running more exabytes-style events in the near future, bringing teachers from around the country together for some incredible demonstrations and discussion of the big questions in modern teaching. The logo of exa.foundation

Redesigns and rebuilds for Exa websites

We want to make sure that you always get total convenience with Exa, whether you’re already using our Internet services and products or scouting around to find the best choice for your school/company’s Internet (we’re sure that’s us - call our expert team on 0345 145 1234 to see just how we can help you!).

As part of this, we’ve been working on totally redesigning our main website, giving you a far more streamlined, convenient and clear experience. We’re close to finalising our design - just rewriting all the copy to show you exactly why Exa Networks is the best choice for schools and businesses looking for Internet service of any kind. We’ll also be working on totally revamping our SurfProtect site for the modern day - stay tuned!