Expanding our Gigabit Connectivity Products

Introducing GPON Connectivity

By speeding up our customers with future-proof connectivity, we’re helping to create a solid foundation for an increasingly digital future. One which supports new technology, new possibilities and new approaches.

What is gigabit connectivity?

Gigabit connectivity is a next generation broadband service delivered over fibre optic lines, which provides speeds of 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps). This type of connectivity is also symmetrical, meaning that the upload and download speeds are exactly the same.

We offer a range of gigabit options here at Exa Networks including DarkLight and GPON.

GPON and DarkLight Ultrafast Gigabit connectivity from Exa Networks


DarkLight - our ultrafast dark fibre connectivity is built around a unique dark fibre network. Each line can support a fully symmetrical 10 Gbps speed, delivering a reliable and completely flexible connection for schools and businesses.

Once installed, you can always get the level of connectivity you need and If you want to upgrade this speed you can as DarkLight is scalable with no additional construction work needed if you do decide to upgrade.

Unfortunately, whilst we’re working on expanding our network, we aren’t currently able to offer DarkLight nationwide. This, is where GPON comes in.


GPON (Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks), is a fibre-based, ultrafast service, able to provide full gigabit-level connectivity to our customers.

We currently have two GPON options - Gigabit Pure and Gigabit Essential.

Gigabit Pure runs on a dedicated line (meaning you have a 1:1 connection), ensuring a reliable high-speed service.

Gigabit Essential offers a low contention level, vastly cutting costs to make ultrafast connectivity far more accessible for those who need it.

By working with our partners at CityFibre - who have designed and deployed a full fibre infrastructure, we’ve been able to provide our Gigabit services to businesses and education communities across the country including major areas such as Edinburgh, Leicester and Reading.

If you’re interested in speeding up the internet connectivity of your school or business, you can find out more about GPON here or check out our DarkLight website here.