What is Exa.Foundation?

Discover Exa.Foundation’s work and principles

From the start, our work here at Exa Networks has been about supporting schools. We started out providing high quality, low cost internet connections to schools to save them money while giving them better service than the competition. While we’ve recently branched out into supporting the business sector, we’ve never lost sight of the commitment to schools that inspired Exa’s creation.

We’ve recently begun a new, not-for-profit initiative designed to directly support schools in teaching pupils about technology - Exa.Foundation. Headed up by award winning former teacher Alan O’Donohoe, Exa.Foundation was built entirely to help schools and students with technology.

No matter what level your school’s IT teaching is at, Exa.Foundation can help you. We can help schools develop their IT programme, demonstrate technology like the Raspberry Pi and BBC micro:bit, or teach programming languages like Python. We run regular events across the UK, and can also work with your school to set up special events that cover the areas you want to find out about.

Exa.Foundation’s goals and events

The Exa.Foundation works towards 3 different goals:

1. Inspire & Engage: We believe that getting students interested in technology is absolutely essential for helping them become digital makers. Exa.Foundation has run a wide range of events designed to support students directly, from hack jams to special in-school demonstrations. We also regularly host events for Computing teachers across the UK.

2. Support teaching of computing in schools: Students need high quality education to support their interest in subjects, and Computing is definitely no exception to that rule. Exa.Foundation runs events designed specifically for teachers, from Python training courses to introductions to teaching Computing at various academic levels, all designed to help teachers provide their students with the best education possible.

3. Promote safe, secure and appropriate use of technology: We believe that people should know where technology is useful, and know how to make the best possible use of it. Along with this, we’re committed to supporting safer and more secure technology use, from virus protection to online protection.

In just under a year of operation, Exa.Foundation has reached audiences from Portsmouth to Newcastle, with dozens of events around the country helping students and staff alike. Along with the website we’ve just launched, we’ve created an Exa.Foundation blog, and our Exa.Foundation Twitter is about to start posting!

On the 23rd June, Exa.Foundation is organising a great new conference on technology in the classroom - exabytes conference. With exabytes, we’re looking to provide a platform for unbiased discussion (no sales presentations!) which actually gives attendees an experience they’re interested in - the programme of events for exabytes is designed around the options that visitors choose. The Exa.Foundation website has a collection of 31 great reasons to attend exabytes, and you can find more information (and book tickets) at http://exa.is/exabytes. Don’t miss out on this great event!