Exploring exa.foundation events for schools

Introducing exa.foundation

As an ISP, we’ve benefitted hugely from our customers across the years, with some fantastic word of mouth helping open the doors to valuable new possibilities across the country. With this in mind, back in 2015, we launched a program designed to help give something back to schools and communities - our exa.foundation.

Simply put, exa.foundation is all about Inspiring, Supporting and Promoting outstanding Computing teaching and the effective use of technology in and around classrooms. We do this in a few ways, providing direct email support to teachers, hobbyists and organisers, creating useful online resources, and running an incredible programme of events around the country. Run as a not-for-profit organisation, most exa.foundation events are free to attend, with organisation typically just costing the price of travel.

While we run hundreds of events a year, reaching thousands of people, we’re always looking to do more, so we’ve put together some information about the most popular events that we organise (along with some information on how to book an exa.foundation event, whether or not you’re an Exa Networks customer).

If you’re interested in seeing what’s happening for exa.foundation, just head over to our upcoming events page for a full calendar of everything coming up in the next couple of months!

With our annual events calendar featuring over 100 events, there’s a tremendous amount happening for exa.foundation. Most of our events fall into the following 5 categories, though we also run a number of different events, like our fantastic annual #exabytes conference:

Teacher Twilight: A 2-hour, after-school CPD event, these free-of-charge events provide up to 20 teachers from a host school and those nearby with high-quality training from a CAS Master Teacher, helping to develop their confidence when it comes to teaching Computer Science.

Family Hack Jam: A fantastic way for learners to develop their understanding of Computing while bonding with their families, these fun events use exciting tools like Minecraft and BBC micro:bit to engage attendees, with team-based challenges tackling different areas and topics.

Bespoke Training Day: A full 6-hour CPD day for up to 6 teachers, these events are designed specifically around the requirements of the host school and the teachers taking part, helping to build their understanding of Computer Science to an expert level. Given the specific nature of the training, there is a cost for booking this type of event.

CPD Days: A 4-hour CPD session for between 6 and 20 teachers, these sessions cover a wide range of Computing topics, as discussed with the host school, all taught by a CAS Master Teacher. Advertised online to local teachers, these events are designed to be low-cost, with free tickets provided to teachers at the host school.

Lesson Observation: In these sessions, a CAS Master Teacher from exa.foundation runs a full hour-long lesson for a class between KS2 and KS4, covering a range of topics within Computer Science, followed by a 45-minute discussion with up to 5 teachers, helping them build their understanding and confidence in and around Computing.

Booking exa.foundation Events

We’ve designed exa.foundation to benefit everyone, not just our customers. As such, we make sure that anyone can request an event near them - while we prioritise inquiries from our customers, a huge number of our events are organised for non-Exa schools and organisations.

Essentially, if you’re interested in having an exa.foundation event near you, just get in touch with us! As with all our services, you can call us at 0345 145 1234, though with our team regularly out on the road to run events, you might prefer to get in touch via email at info@exa.foundation, or contact us through our @exafoundation Twitter account.