Happy birthday to exa.foundation!

Celebrating two years of exa.foundation

This month, we’re celebrating two years of exa.foundation! Launched all the way back in October 2015, our foundation has made a real positive impact on the state of Computing in schools across the country.

We set up exa.foundation as a way to give back to the community who’ve made Exa one of the most successful independent ISPs for schools. Working to inspire, support and promote the learning and teaching of Computing, our foundation has worked to train teachers, run events for students and families, and provide genuinely useful, effective Computing resources.

In this blog, we’re taking a look back at the last two years of exa.foundation, and picking out some of the best things we’ve seen in that time - head over to our exa.foundation website to find out more about how our foundation works!

Major moments from the last two years

Over the last two years, we’ve accomplished a lot through our foundation, running and assisting with over 100 events across 2017 alone (218 total, with over 2000 tickets sold/ given out!). However, there’s a few achievements that we’re particularly proud of:

#exabytes: Our biggest event, our annual #exabytes conference is a fantastic all-day professional development event for teachers, with dozens of different sessions designed to give visitors the chance to find out more about the topics that they’re most interested in exploring, all in a luxurious setting. We’ve run #exabytes twice now, and we’re just about ready to start planning for next year’s conference, taking place on the 29th of June in Bradford!

Our MOOC: Last year, we launched a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for teachers of GCSE Computer Science, combining effective resources, detailed plans and effective testing for an effective flipped learning system. A few weeks ago, we hit a major 10,000 users target for the MOOC - since then, we’ve hit an incredible 11,367 registered users, with numbers hardly slowing down.

Published Resources: We’ve written up a lot of resources and guides for teachers, and we’re particularly proud of having had them published in some of the more important publications in education. exa.foundation are regular contributors to Hello World magazine, and have published pieces in the TES, along with a number of other publications.

What’s next for exa.foundation?

We’ve recently started up our programme of events again for the new school year. Since our second annual #exabytes conference, we’ve run our events as #exabits - with Computing encompassing an incredible range of topics and approaches, we think it’s important to approach our events as a little part of a much larger whole.

Right now, we’re getting ready to host events for, and help out with, the upcoming EU Code Week, starting off on the 7th of October. Designed as a week of international activities aimed at encouraging and improving digital literacy, the 2017 EU Code Week is set to see over 1000 events in countries across the world - and we’re proud to be part of the programme, running two hack jams in Bradford. Stay tuned for more information about our events via Twitter @exafoundation!

Along with the code week, we’ve got a number of #exabits coming up - head over to our exa.foundation events page to find out more. If you’re working at a school, we’ve put together some information about booking foundation events, whether you’re interested in CPD, hack jams or anything else.