Updating Draytek Router Functions

Keeping up to date with Draytek

Over the last few months, we’ve started providing our customers with advanced Draytek Vigor 2862 routers for their Internet connectivity, a high-performance, versatile piece of hardware designed to support the ultrafast Internet speeds more and more organisations are adopting. This has now replaced the 2860 units we previously provided, which are no longer available for sale.

As part of our work to ensure that our customers get the best possible service at all times, we’re asking users to install the latest firmware update for the 2862 router as soon as they can. The update resolves a couple of potential issues, while also adding some new features for user convenience, some of which we’ve spelled out below - the release notes include some more detailed information:

Fixing some connectivity issues: Prior to the firmware update being released, in rare cases, customers could experience some minor issues with their Internet connection as a result of router configuration - these problems are now totally resolved. Specifically, this affected DSL and FTTC connections. Via lab testing, we’ve confirmed that the new firmware entirely resolves the issue.

Protecting against KRACK: One of the major cybersecurity discoveries this year, the KRACK vulnerability potentially allowed attackers to view any information being sent over Wi-Fi - check out our KRACK blog for more information. With this latest update, Draytek routers are now completely protected against the issue.

Additional Options: This firmware update introduces a few more options for advanced users, allowing users to manually set BGP Router ID to a specific address, adding support for VigorSwitch P1280, and more.

Updating your router to the latest release is a simple procedure, though we recommend making a configuration backup from the System Maintenance menu to avoid any issues. First, click the following link to the firmware update. You should be prompted to download a file called ‘v2862_387_BT.all’ - this is the update.

Once you’ve downloaded this, log into your Draytek router. We’ve provided credentials in the Introductory Details we sent with the router - get in touch with your account manager if you need these to be resent. After you’ve logged in, click on System Maintenance, then on Update, and select the file you’ve just downloaded. Once this is done, the update should be complete, and your router should have access to the improvements.

We’re applying the update to all relevant hardware being sent out as part of the free setup that we provide all of our customers - head over to the Exa website to find out more about the services that we offer!