Discovering Digital Enterprise Vouchers

Digital Enterprise Relaunches

Yesterday, we were proud to attend a major event for Small and Medium Enterprises across the Leeds City Region - the relaunch of the Digital Enterprise Voucher scheme! A major benefit for local businesses, the Digital Enterprise programme is all about ensuring that smaller companies can get the full benefits of modern technology.

Part of the wider Digital Enterprise programme, the voucher scheme provides major subsidies for smaller businesses looking to develop their digital engagement, cutting down the costs that can put companies off investing in better-performing technology.

The programme has changed up significantly since the initial launch of the voucher scheme, adding some great opportunities for businesses around Leeds - including places on the map below, such as Bradford and York. Below, we’ve put together some information about some of the major changes for the second phase of the Digital Enterprise voucher scheme, along with useful and effective digital marketing tools from the relaunch event.

Half of our Bett 2017 Stand

More details about Digital Enterprise Vouchers

Backed by a cross-council initiative and EU funding, the Digital Enterprise scheme is a wide-ranging programme designed to broaden access to digital solutions, whether that’s giving businesses a better understanding of how to get the best from digital marketing, cutting down the cost of investing in new hardware and software, or getting faster-performing Internet connectivity to suit their requirements.

Originally, Digital Enterprise’s growth vouchers subsidised 40% (up to £5000) of the cost of adopting technology that could make a major impact to a company’s performance. Now that they’re moving into the second phase of their programme, following a break to process an overwhelming number of applications, the voucher scheme has significantly changed up.

Firstly, in order to apply for the vouchers, businesses are required to be 100% B2B, rather than selling to consumers, must be over 12 months old, and have at least 2 employees. The nature of funding has also changed, with vouchers now covering up to 50% of the cost of any project (with the £5000 cap still applying).

Beyond that, Digital Enterprise have now launched an entirely new type of voucher, exclusively for businesses looking to upgrade their Internet connectivity. With these Connectivity Vouchers, companies receive a full £1000 subsidy for the cost of upgrading their connectivity, provided that the new connection delivers above a 30 Mbps download speed (or doubles connection speed for companies already using 30 Mbps speeds).

Digital Enterprise have also announced the launch of their Digital Knowledge Exchange, a programme set to run dozens of events over the coming months, helping smaller companies to develop their digital skills and literacy, from digital marketing to social media, website design and far more.

Head over to our Digital Growth Vouchers page to find out more about applying for the vouchers, and see some of the ways that they can benefit you, or get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234 for advice about applying for the scheme.

Useful resources from the Digital Enterprise relaunch

Over the course of the day, over a dozen sessions held at Bradford’s LIFE Centre explored some particularly important aspects of digital marketing - while we weren’t able to see everything, we’ve taken note of some of the more potentially helpful resources shared across the conference: - Discovering the keywords that potential customers are searching for, helping you develop your SEO and PPC strategies.

Pexels - Completely free-to-use stock photos, collecting from a number of free sources.

Quik - An effective video editing tool from GoPro.

Epictions - Designed to make it easier to discover and curate content about any topic you’re interested in - a free version allows you to search across the last 3 days, while paid options include full-year curation.

ContentGems - Another effective content curation and discovery tool. - A free tool for hosting and recording group teleconferences - often useful for building social media engagement.