Digital Revolution North

Yorkshire speeds up with DarkLight

High speed Internet is one of the most important utilities for modern day businesses in any market sector, from SMEs to much larger organisations. However, businesses across the North have often been held back by unreliable digital infrastructure, preventing many from performing at the best possible level.

With DarkLight, we’ve created a world-class solution to the connectivity problems experienced by businesses across Yorkshire. DarkLight brings businesses and schools some of the world’s fastest Internet, with a unique Dark Fibre design ensuring that speeds can be increased at any time, making the connections completely future proofed.

DarkLight’s been available in Leeds and Bradford for a few months, and has already benefitted local organisations in a huge number of ways, with our customers ranging from schools to solicitors, security companies, construction agencies and far more.

On November the 15th, we’ll be bringing DarkLight to three new areas: Sheffield, Doncaster and Rotherham, with two great launch events planned for the day - read on for more!

Launching the Digital Revolution North

Run with our partners at CityFibre, Gigabit City launch events are designed to introduce local businesses to the possibilities that multi-gigabit Internet offers them, from opening up new opportunities to expanding on current possibilities.

On the 15th November, we’re running two launch events:

Our Doncaster DarkLight Launch is a breakfast meeting, starting off in Doncaster’s Cast theatre, located just a few minutes from central Doncaster at 8:30 AM.

We’ll be kicking off the day with some presentations showing you some of the ways that you’ll be be able to benefit from the introduction of Gigabit Internet connectivity, along with some great opportunities for networking with professionals from across the area - a great way to build up connections.

DarkLight connectivity in Doncaster

In the evening, we’re heading over to Sheffield’s Millennium Gallery (right by the city centre) for a evening presentation about our DarkLight network running through Sheffield and Rotherham. Again, you can expect a great evening of networking opportunities, giving you a look at why the area becoming ultrafast is a truly huge step for local businesses and schools.

DarkLight Internet in Sheffield and Rotherham

Wondering how you can benefit from ultrafast connectivity? Register for free tickets to either of our launch events now, or call our team today at 0345 145 1234 to talk through your needs, and discuss the areas where gigabit speeds will help you!