Digital Enterprise Vouchers launch across Leeds!

Discovering Digital Growth Vouchers from Digital Enterprise

While high-end technology can make a major difference to businesses, it’s often hard to justify budgeting for high initial costs. As part of a program to promote the development of local businesses, Digital Enterprise have recently launched a voucher scheme to help hugely cut down on those costs, potentially saving businesses up to £5000 on new technology.

Essentially, the vouchers cover a full 40% of the cost of technology with the potential to benefit a business’ performance, whether that’s new computers, software licenses or services like high-speed Internet connectivity.

If you’re part of a SME in the Leeds City Region, you could potentially benefit from the voucher scheme – read on to find out more about the scheme and how it can help you out.

Is your company located in South Yorkshire? While the Digital Enterprise voucher scheme is designed for businesses around the Leeds City region, you could benefit from the Superfast South Yorkshire voucher scheme, a similar program designed for businesses located around the south of Yorkshire.

More information about Digital Enterprise Vouchers

Digital Enterprise was founded in cooperation between the European Union’s Regional Development Fund, the local authorities around the city region, and Leeds’ Local Enterprise Partnership. The organisation’s been running for a while, with their voucher scheme having launched at the start of February this year. While the scheme’s set to run until 2019, we’d recommend applying early if there’s a particular kind of technology that could make a major difference for your business.

Vouchers are available for SMEs located in the areas shown on this map:

The areas covered by the Digital Enterprise voucher scheme - including Leeds, Bradford and more

Along with that, there’s a few conditions to be aware of – applying businesses must:

  • Employ less than 250 employees;

  • Have a turnover under 50 million Euros per year;

  • Have a balance sheet totalling under 43 million Euros; and

  • Have received under 200 thousand Euros worth of state aid in the three years prior to their application.

When applying for a voucher, a business needs to demonstrate the positive effect that introducing a new kind of technology could have. In most cases, this should be fairly straightforward – the increased level of efficiency that high speed computers or connectivity delivers, for instance. The vouchers can only be used to replace old equipment if this will have a demonstrably positive effect on the applying company. With a lot of companies eligible for the vouchers, Digital Enterprise are expecting a significant number of applications. Because the scheme’s designed to help boost the local economy, Digital Enterprise will be prioritising applications from companies which expect to see major results from the technology they’re investing in.

If you’re interested in applying for a Digital Growth Voucher from Digital Enterprise, get in touch with the Exa Networks team at 0345 145 1234 – we’re more than happy to help with your application, no matter what kind of technology you’re interested in.