Next week: Digital Enterprise vouchers relaunch!

Digital Enterprise Phase 2

Fantastic news for SMEs across the Leeds City Region - after a break to work through a backlog, Digital Enterprise are relaunching their voucher schemes, designed to save businesses based near Leeds (including Bradford, York and far more) thousands of pounds when they adopt new technology.

Launched back in February of this year, Digital Enterprise is a major programme designed to help ensure that local businesses get the very best that technology can offer, funded by multiple councils and the EU Regional Development Fund.

There’s three main branches for Digital Enterprise’s work:

Digital Growth Vouchers: From hardware solutions to effective software, practically every modern business can benefit from bringing in new technology. However, given the high cost of tech, many organisations, particularly SMEs, aren’t able to invest. With grants covering up to £5000 of the cost of new tech, Digital Growth Vouchers can be a real game changer for local businesses.

Digital Knowledge Exchange: From social media to analytics tools and SEO, there’s a lot of areas where having some digital knowledge can really benefit SMEs. The Digital Knowledge Exchange programme is designed to help with this, running conferences, seminars and events like ‘Marketing, The Art Of’, the upcoming relaunch event.

Connectivity Vouchers: High-speed Internet connectivity can be a major game changer for businesses, but many SMEs are put off by the relatively high price of adoption. Digital Enterprise’s Connectivity vouchers are designed to help with this, covering up to £1000 of the cost of bringing in faster Internet.

With hundreds of applications requiring detailed reviews, Digital Enterprise temporarily halted applications for their voucher schemes a few months ago. However, they’re now gearing up to relaunch the scheme, with a launch event featuring some great digital workshops, all designed to benefit businesses in a number of ways set to run in Bradford’s Life Centre Events venue on the 28th of September 2017.

Below, we’ve put together some information about what you can expect to see at the relaunch event - head over to the event page to register for free!

Marketing, the Art of

As the name suggests, along with relaunching the Digital Enterprise Voucher scheme, next week’s event is all about getting the absolute best out of digital marketing in all its forms. With the all-day event kicking off at 9, there’s some great sessions planned - check out the timetable below:

9 - 9:30: Registration and Networking.

9:30 - 9:50: Keynote speech - Chris Leo from Made by Pi explores ‘Digital Strategies that win in the age of the customer’.

9:50 - 10:05: An introduction to the Digital Knowledge Exchange from the programme’s senior project manager, Beth Hewitt.

10:05 - 10:20: An update on what’s happening with the Digital Enterprise Voucher scheme from Digital Enterprise programme manager Muz Mumtaz.

10:20 - 11: Pascal Fintoni from Arclight Marketing presents a session on ‘The Art of Making the Impossible Possible’ through digital marketing strategies.

11 - 11:15: A quick break.

11:15 - 12: Option 1: Jonny Ross of JRC Agency takes a look at SEO techniques to help improve your company’s position in Google’s rankings.

11:15 - 12: Option 2: Michelle and Paula from Creation Analysis discuss the upcoming effects of GDPR on inbound marketing, and how to adjust your strategy to avoid being caught out.

12 - 12:45: Option 1: Janet Bebb of Social Progress explores what the recent Facebook debrief could mean from a business perspective.

12 - 12:45: Option 2: Pascal Fintoni presents a second session, taking a look at the ‘Top 10 ways for visitors to love your website’, ways to optimise your company’s website to benefit readers.

12:45 - 1:30: Lunch break

1:30 - 2:15: Option 1: A second session from Creative Analysis’ Michelle and Paula explores the use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and automation within business.

1:30 - 2:15: Option 2: Muz Mumtaz presents a more comprehensive update on how the Digital Enterprise Voucher scheme’s been progressing.

2:15 - 3: Option 1: Another session from Pascal Fintoni explains how to go about ‘Building the Ultimate Content Creation Toolkit’ - potentially very helpful for SMEs.

2:15 - 3: Option 2: Social Progress’ Janet Bebb runs a repeat of her earlier session on the business implications of the recent Facebook debrief.

3 - 3:15: A final quick break.

3:15 - 4:30: The event comes to an end with Pascal Fintoni’s closing session about how ‘Video Killed the Social Media star’ - how to get the best out of digital video advertising.

We’ll be at the event throughout the day, so make sure to follow us on Twitter @ExaNetworks if you’re not able to make it to the relaunch!