One week left to apply for Digital Growth Vouchers!

Last chance for Digital Enterprise vouchers

While new technology can make a huge difference to practically any SME, many are put off by the relatively high costs, even in cases where the tech can quickly pay for itself. As such, there’s a number of voucher schemes designed to help cut down the cost of bringing in new technology for businesses - like the Digital Growth Voucher programme from Digital Enterprise.

As part of a continuing series of events and programmes designed to improve digital performance for SMEs around the Leeds City Region (including areas like Bradford), Digital Enterprise launched a voucher scheme designed to cover a full 50% of the cost of installing new tech - whether that’s ultrafast Internet connectivity like our DarkLight service, new hardware or business-benefitting software.

On the 8th of December 2017, applications for Digital Growth Vouchers will come to an end, as Digital Enterprise enters its next phase. If you’re an SME interested in bringing in new technology at a lower cost, don’t hesitate to apply for the voucher scheme! Click the link above, or get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234 to find out more about eligibility for the vouchers.

Once the voucher scheme closes, Digital Enterprise will still be working to help out businesses across the Leeds City Region in a number of ways, particularly through their Digital Knowledge Exchange, a wide-ranging series of events aimed at improving digital skills, with mentorship opportunities, masterclasses, conferences and more.

If you’ve missed out on the Digital Growth Voucher scheme, don’t worry - there’s a few other initiatives around to help cut down costs - particularly the Gigabit Connectivity Voucher programme, recently launched to make ultrafast Internet connectivity more accessible than ever. Providing up to a £3000 subsidy for SMEs looking to introduce new connectivity, the vouchers completely remove the cost of installing DarkLight in the majority of cases - click the link above to find out more!