Exa leads the way for Digital Champions

Discover the Digital Champion Programme

We’re committed to being a socially responsible company, working to give back to the local community. As such, over the last year, we’ve been working to promote a number of programmes aimed at improving the level of access to technology that local SMEs have, including the recently launched Gigabit Connectivity Voucher scheme and the work that Digital Enterprise have been doing around the Leeds City Region.

Today, we’re pleased to announce the latest step in this work, as Simon Eagles, Exa Networks’ National Business Development Manager, becomes one of Digital Enterprise’s first Digital Champions.

The brand-new group of Digital Enterprise digital champions/

An all-new part of the Digital Knowledge Exchange, the Digital Champion programme has set up a team of experts from digital companies across Leeds, Bradford and the surrounding area, ready to provide one-to-one mentoring for SMEs looking to maximise the potential benefits of technology.

With the digital skills deficit estimated to cost the UK economy a full £63 billion annually, it’s vital that SMEs have direct access to technological support and advice, and we’re proud to be supporting the Digital Champion programme as it works to deliver expert guidance for businesses across the Leeds City Region.

Direct Mentoring Support from Digital Champions

The Digital Champion programme is designed to be available for SMEs around the city region, and is easy to access – just get in touch with Digital Enterprise, who will introduce you to the programme, starting off with a masterclass, followed by one-to-one support where necessary. You can also get in touch with Simon directly at the Exa Networks office – just call us at 0345 145 1234!

There’s a few qualifications you’ll have to meet to apply for support from a digital champion, mainly designed to ensure that companies can access the resources they need in an appropriate manner. Firstly, your business will need to be located in the Leeds City Region, as depicted on the below map:

The Digital Enterprise map, showing eligible regions, including Bradford, Leeds, and more.

Your company must also be below a certain scale, with below 250 employees, an annual turnover below €50 million, or a balance sheet below €43 million, exclusively work as a business-to-business provider, cannot be a subsidiary of a larger business, and must have been trading for over a year. You must also not have previously received a voucher from the Digital Enterprise scheme – head over to our page on the growth vouchers for more information about applying.