Introducing World-Class Connectivity for West Sussex

Introducing DarkLight for West Sussex

Access to ultrafast connectivity can make a real difference for schools and businesses, giving students full, reliable access to an ever-increasing range of online resources while opening up some major possibilities for modern-day companies. For years, we’ve been working to improve access to ultrafast Internet speeds, with large-scale network development, low costs, and the launch of DarkLight - future-proof, low cost ultrafast connectivity.

We’re very proud to announce the next step in our work with DarkLight. This month, we’ve started construction on a new dark fibre network throughout West Sussex, bringing DarkLight connectivity to thousands of schools, academies and businesses throughout the region! Our network’s set to span towns from Worthing to Bognor Regis and more, covering a huge amount of the county.

Below, we’ve taken some time to explain why DarkLight’s set to make a real difference for those around West Sussex, but if you’d like to find out more about what the introduction of ultrafast DarkLight connectivity could mean for you specifically, get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234!

Where and when will DarkLight be available?

Right now, we’re working on the first stages of building our network across West Sussex. However, we expect a relatively fast progression here - we’re expecting to bring our first connections live next year. If you’re interested in finding out when DarkLight will be available for your business or school, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234.

During initial construction, the exact area covered by our new fibre network is classified - when we hit the final stages of the project, we’ll be revealing a full network map, as we start to contact some of the schools and businesses who can benefit from the unparalleled level of convenience and performance provided by DarkLight. We can confirm, however, that we’ll be reaching all major areas around West Sussex, creating a county-wide level of access to DarkLight.

More key facts about DarkLight connectivity

DarkLight is the last Internet connection that any school or business will ever need to install. Every single line supports a full, symmetrical 10 Gbps speed, with adjustments to performance available at any given time - a user starting off with a 300 Mbps service can adjust to 500 Mbps or above with just a call, whenever they feel that the faster service is more useful to them.

This unparalleled flexibility makes DarkLight completely future-proof, while comparatively low price points (starting from £299 + VAT a month) save schools and businesses thousands annually. Currently, DarkLight is available in a number of key DarkLight Cities, with our network rollout in West Sussex representing our very first DarkLight county.

We currently provide DarkLight connectivity to a range of businesses and schools around the country, laying the groundwork from which a far more connected, digitally engaged future can grow.