Future Proof DarkLight Internet expands to South Yorkshire!

Gigabit Internet arrives in South Yorkshire

We’re proud to announce that we’re bringing the next generation of Internet connectivity to South Yorkshire! With our partners CityFibre, we’re bringing DarkLight® Internet to schools and businesses in Sheffield, Doncaster and Rotherham, transforming South Yorkshire into one of the fastest connected areas in the world.

DarkLight is the last Internet connection you’ll ever need to install for your premises. Unlike other connection options, DarkLight doesn’t really have a static maximum speed - you can increase your speed any time you want, so you’ll always get the performance you need from your connection.

Right now, we’re offering speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps, a number that’s only going to rise over the coming years. Whatever level of Internet connectivity you need, DarkLight makes sure that you get ultrafast, ultra-reliable connectivity at all times. Importantly for anyone using cloud software or storage, DarkLight speeds are symmetrical - uploads are just as fast as downloads.

DarkLight is available to order now - just get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234 for a no-obligation quote, or to ask any questions you have about DarkLight. Below, you’ll find a quick look at some of the ways that businesses and schools across South Yorkshire can benefit from ultrafast DarkLight Internet.

DarkLight for South Yorkshire Businesses

Companies lose a staggering amount of time and production as a result of low-quality Internet. A relatively conservative estimate claims that UK businesses alone lose around £38 Billion through slow and unreliable connections. DarkLight helps cut that down hugely, with ultrafast speeds and a high Service Level Agreement bringing you world-class Internet performance.

DarkLight also opens up a range of new possibilities for businesses. Symmetrical connections make using cloud software and bandwidth-heavy tools like video conferencing far more accessible. In particular, using cloud storage is speeded up significantly, making it easier than ever to create secure offsite backups.

Over on our DarkLight Business page, you’ll find more information about how we bring companies across the UK some of the world’s fastest Internet speed.

Multi-gigabit DarkLight Internet for Schools

School Internet use has hugely increased over the last few years, with the expansion of useful online resources, emergence of tablet schemes, and increased take-up of Computing courses all resulting in a rise in bandwidth use. DarkLight provides a cost-effective way of staying on top of this increased demand, with easily adjustable speeds meaning that you’ll always be able to provide students with high-quality Internet.

Despite the powerful performance it offers, DarkLight is actually significantly cheaper than the connections many schools use, with prices starting at just £3588 + VAT. Essentially, your school will receive faster, totally customisable speeds, more reliable connectivity and industry-leading customer service for a price that’s either lower or close to what you’re paying now.

With a huge number of South Yorkshire schools in Sheffield, Doncaster and Rotherham being able to receive DarkLight connections, Yorkshire’s becoming one of the fastest connected areas in the world. Check out our DarkLight Education page to find out more about the next generation of Internet connections.

DarkLight is a registered trademark of Exa Networks.