DarkLight goes live across South Yorkshire!

DarkLight - more accessible than ever!

For the last few months, we’ve been working to expand the networks we use for DarkLight our world-class dark fibre connectivity service, and we’re proud to announce that we’ve just lit up an all-new series of locations, bringing DarkLight to thousands of new schools and businesses across South Yorkshire and Northamptonshire.

Following our rollout in Sheffield and Wakefield earlier this year, we’ve just brought DarkLight live in the following cities:

Gigabit Northampton - Running over 45 KM of Northampton, our new Northampton network stretches from past the University of Northampton, through the town centre, and out to major local business areas.

Gigabit Doncaster - Connected directly to our Sheffield DarkLight network, our dark fibre network runs straight between the Steel City and Doncaster, crossing most major areas in the town.

Gigabit Rotherham - Our expansive DarkLight network runs roughly alongside the River Don, pressing through central Rotherham before stretching out across Aldwarke, Kimberworth and more.

We’ve recently upgraded practically all of our DarkLight connections, giving our customers an even better deal. Because we believe that gigabit connectivity is the next step for connectivity excellence, we’re working to bring existing, new and future DarkLight customers a bit closer to that level - we’ve increased all our sub-gigabit connection levels by at least 200 Mbps, while keeping the same, low prices!

The new performance DarkLight provides

What makes DarkLight special?

DarkLight isn’t just fast Internet - it’s the last Internet connection a user will ever need to install. Once DarkLight’s been installed, users can change their Internet speed at practically any time - when demand for bandwidth outstrips the speed they’re using, they can upgrade their performance with no additional construction.

Every DarkLight line can support a fully symmetrical 10 Gbps, giving all users the opportunity to bring in genuinely world-class performance. We’re also able to provide 100 Gbps performance with DarkLight, though this requires some additional hardware.

Beyond this unmatched flexibility, DarkLight delivers unbeatable value for money. Prices start at the equivalent of £299 + VAT a month for dedicated 300 Mbps performance, making ultrafast connectivity far more accessible to local businesses and schools than ever before.

If you’re an SME interested in getting a better solution for your connectivity, we highly recommend taking a look into the SFSY Voucher scheme. With ultrafast Internet connectivity being a major economic boost, SFSY vouchers are designed to hugely cut the cost of introducing faster connectivity, subsidising a full half of the installation cost! The vouchers are available for SMEs across Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and more - head to the site (or call us at 0345 145 1234) to find out more.