DarkLight - Now Even Faster!

Speeding up with DarkLight

We believe that gigabit connectivity will soon be the new standard for business Internet connectivity excellence, so we’re doing our part to help give every DarkLight customer world-class Internet with absolutely unmatched value for money.

Over the last few months, we’ve been working to develop and improve our network, and we’re very proud to be announcing an incredible upgrade for our ultrafast DarkLight Internet connectivity - we’ve just increased the speed of all of our sub-gigabit DarkLight tiers, bringing businesses and schools closer to gigabit connectivity!

As an example, if you’ve been receiving, or have ordered, a 100 Mbps symmetrical connection, you’ve been automatically upgraded to an astonishing 300 Mbps speed, with absolutely nothing extra to pay per month.

We’ve speeded up all of our sub-gigabit options - if you’re already using gigabit connectivity or beyond, you’ll still be getting the same ultrafast speed at the same low price at the moment. Below, we’ve pictured all the upgrades that we’ve put in place:

The new performance DarkLight provides

We believe in giving our customers the best service possible, and this upgrade is just one part of that. Our improved core network, used to deliver the world-class performance that DarkLight offers, ensures complete reliability, with effective provisioning - which is why we’ve been able to speed up practically every DarkLight connection.

Discover world-class connectivity

Even if you’re not already using DarkLight, you’ll be able to benefit from our faster service - the improved services have completely replaced our former service tiers, giving you even better value for money. Whether you’re ordering DarkLight in Bradford, Leeds or any of the many other cities that we cover, you’ll be getting the same incredible performance at a truly market-beating price.

DarkLight starts at the equivalent of £299 plus VAT per month for our 300 Mbps service, while each higher tier delivers even better savings - check out our price list below to see all of our basic DarkLight options:

New speed and price levels for DarkLight connectivity

With each DarkLight line currently able to support a full 10 Gbps speed, and upgrades possible at practically any time, you can be completely sure that DarkLight is the very last Internet connection you’ll ever need to install for your premises.

Interested in finding out more about DarkLight? We’ve just updated our DarkLight website to match our new service levels (including demonstrations of how fast DarkLight can upload or download files), but if you’re interested in how DarkLight can benefit you, get in touch with our team today at 0345 145 1234!

In the next few months, we’re set to launch DarkLight in some new areas, bringing truly ultrafast service to even more businesses and schools across the country - watch this space!