What makes DarkLight the best choice for Business Broadband?

DarkLight at the ISPA Awards

On the 12th of July, we’re heading down to Manchester’s Midland Hotel for the 2018 ISPA Awards, the most prestigious awards ceremony for Internet Service Providers. We’re proud to be a regular presence at the ISPA Awards, with a huge number of nominations and awards for our services and work over the years.

This year, we’re shortlisted for two of the more important ISPA Awards - Best Business Broadband and Best Project or Partnership, certifying Exa’s place as a leading Internet Service Provider. With the awards rapidly approaching, we’ve put together this blog to explore just what makes us stand out as a leading choice for business broadband connectivity - check back next week for a look at the ISPA-nominated work we’re doing with Leeds Beckett University!

For the second year running, our future-proof DarkLight Internet has been nominated for an ISPA Award marking it as one of the very best connectivity options available in the UK. Following a shortlisting for Best Superfast Broadband last year (this category now exclusively reserved for consumer connectivity options), DarkLight is nominated for the 2018 Best Business Broadband award, due to the fantastic advantages it offers companies:

DarkLight - the best connectivity choice for companies

DarkLight is designed to offer businesses a unique set of advantages and opportunities. On a basic level, DarkLight connections are designed to deliver ultrafast performance which can be adjusted at any time, allowing customers to stay on top of an increasing demand for connectivity performance. With every DarkLight line supporting world-class 10 Gbps speeds, customers can be sure that they’ll really never have to install another Internet connection.

Along with incredible performance, DarkLight offers users an impressively low price point - with prices starting at just £3588 + VAT for ultrafast 300 Mbps performance, DarkLight is significantly cheaper than comparable options for business connectivity. Faster DarkLight options offer even better value for money, with full-on gigabit connectivity costing just £5988 + VAT annually.

Beyond speed and savings, DarkLight provides a number of advanced features designed to support both the current and future requirements businesses may have for their connectivity. Traditionally, businesses have required far faster download speeds than uploads - however, with the rise of Cloud storage and video streaming (to name just two), high upload speeds have become far more of a priority. With every DarkLight connection designed to deliver symmetrical performance, users receive upload speeds every bit as fast as their downloads, opening up a huge number of possibilities.

Furthermore, DarkLight lines are provided uncontended from our network to customers, ensuring that users receive truly excellent speeds at absolutely all times, with bandwidth not being shared with any other users. With DarkLight having been designed specifically for unmatched flexibility, users can choose to adjust their speeds at any point, whether they’re looking to permanently upgrade their speeds, or temporarily adjust them with just a single phone call - an ideal option for companies holding major events.

With the ISPA Awards just a short time away, we’re getting ready for a great evening - head over to our Exa Networks Twitter to see what’s going on!