Exa Network's response to COVID-19

In light of COVID-19:

What are your business requirements if the office is closed down?

Working from home has never been as much a common talking point as it is at the moment. Many businesses have already limited meetings to business-critical only, and events and exhibitions are seeing noticeable drops in footfall.

Self-isolation, office closures and quarantines are very much on the tongues (or twitter feeds) of many business leaders, but what does this mean?

Working from home is potentially going to be the norm for many of us for the coming months, and in theory, many businesses are already well equipped for this transition through having planned for various scenarios for Business Continuity Plans (BCP). In reality, however, our ability to work from home can be largely affected by the Internet connectivity that serves employee’s whilst not in the office.

My employee says they have a decent home connection, we should be fine?

Again, in theory if you have taken the right steps to ensure your staff can work remotely there should be no problems. However, as millions of people begin working from home and video conferencing, with the added pressure of online entertainment for children if schools close, it is likely to cause the UK’s internet infrastructure to become highly congested, meaning slower networks and potentially major disruptions.

Many businesses operate internal systems that require VPN access or certain firewall rules to allow traffic to pass through. Typical residential connections do not allow for static IP addresses which can be problematic.

Our Solution…

In light of these events we are extending our usual back-up line offer to our customers’ employees’ residence, to ensure they can carry on to work as usual with no disruptions. For £450 employees can receive our back-up FTTC product to their home for 12 months. Our infrastructure will remain uncongested as we are not affected by residential internet traffic, and in the scenario where schools close, our network traffic will drop dramatically as schools make up a considerable amount of our customer base. We also issue our connectivity with static IP addresses and can assist with VPN profiles should you wish.

If you are interested in hearing more, please get in touch.

Please Note: • A VDSL Modem is required. We can provide one if requested for £200) • All prices are +VAT and paid annually.