Improving the Exa Core Network

Developing our Networks

A major part of delivering excellent Internet connectivity performance is having an effective, well-provisioned core network. As such, we’ve been doing a lot of work over summer (timed to coincide with the majority of our education customers being on break) to refine, develop and expand our network, ensuring that we can continue to deliver outstanding Internet connectivity to schools and businesses for years to come.

One of the major parts of the upgrade was the introduction of a new 100 Gbps fibre ring through our network in London. This improvement in capacity ensures that we can support the ever-increasing amount of traffic on our network, with more and more of our customers using ultrafast connectivity, like that provided by our future-proof DarkLight option.

Moving to the 100 Gbps core fibre has also improved our network resilience, minimising possible points of failure to give our customers an even more reliable level of service over time.

As part of our network upgrade, we’ve also made some significant investments in additional equipment for testing and diagnosing DarkLight lines. With our new equipment, including an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, we’ll be able to check the status of DarkLight lines quicker than ever before, while also being able to track down any breaks in the line to the metre - a huge time saver if the fibre is damaged at any time. Essentially, we’ll be speeding up installations, while also being able to resolve any issues in a faster timeframe.

We’ll shortly have some major announcements about DarkLight, so stay tuned to find out more!