Touching on the contactless car

New approaches to fundraising

As part of a major programme to support cancer research charity Stand up to Cancer, car manufacturers Hyundai have come up with a rather original approach to fundraising, which brings together quite a range of technology for a good cause – we’re taking a look at the systems involved, and the implications & uses they have for other businesses.

Starting off, Hyundai’s decided to create a one-off edition of their recently released IONIQ electric car, equipping the vehicle with 5 points for contactless payment across the vehicle, each automatically processing card payments with a custom-designed set up featuring Raspberry Pi units and Arduino boards.

The car’s not a commercial release – it’s designed to be placed at major events, inside areas with high footfall, and more, with people coming over to check out the car, then deciding to donate to the charity.

There’s a couple of features designed to bring in more donations – an in-car photobooth lets donators take photos to be stuck on the outside of the car, eventually building up a huge mosaic of those who’ve helped raise money for Stand up to Cancer, while the car’s electronic license plate automatically updates to show the amount that visitors have managed to raise for the charity to date.

The technology used for the car’s contactless payments is definitely quite interesting – while there’s already quite a few options for people who want to take contactless payments (like the Square reader, for instance), the possibility of using a relatively customisable setup via Arduino/ Raspberry Pi could definitely make a difference in a lot of situations.

As a related example, charity workers could certainly benefit from being able to collect money in any form, rather than having to hope that people have change – we’ve already seen some steps taken towards this, but we’d love to see the idea taking on more popularity.

The contactless vehicle’s set to make its debut this Monday, May the 22nd, over at King’s Cross, before heading round the country to various events and dealerships – we’ll be interested in seeing how this new approach actually works out!