Find the right internet connection for your business with Exa

Picking the perfect business internet package with Exa

As a market leader in providing high quality internet connections to businesses, we at Exa Networks know there’s a lot of confusion about exactly what various kinds of internet connection have to offer. We want you to get an internet service for your business which actually gives you what you want, so we’ve written up a brief guide to some of the different internet connection types we offer.

There’s a few major things to know about every business internet connection that we offer. All of our connections ensure that you’ll actually get the speeds that you pay for, with several of our options having no contention. Many ISPs advertise far higher speeds than you’ll actually receive - with Exa Networks you’ll get exactly what you pay for.

We’re also committed to giving you high quality speeds and completely reliable internet with quick fixes if anything goes wrong. With our award-winning UK-based support team always quick to answer calls, we can quickly sort out any problems with your business internet connection from Exa.

Types of business internet connections from Exa

While we offer pretty much every kind of business internet connection, some of our options are particularly popular, so we’ve profiled them just below. If you’ve already got a sense of what you want from your internet connection, contact us at 0345 145 1234, and we’ll work with you to create a bespoke business internet package.

DarkLight: Our latest type of connection, DarkLight is designed to be entirely future proofed- you’ll never need to install another line. DarkLight gives you a dark fibre internet connection, which means you can upgrade your bandwidth and speed at any time, without needing any further construction.

DarkLight speeds start off at 100 Mbps, and have an almost unlimited scope for improvement, while its symmetrical speeds mean that you can upload as fast as you download. Right now, DarkLight’s available for businesses and schools in Bradford, Leeds, Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire, but we’ll be expanding to more cities soon.

ADSL2+: A popular choice worldwide, ADSL2+ connections are a good choice for small businesses, with a maximum download speed of 24 Mbps. ADSL connections use copper lines across the UK, and are a particularly common option. While we at Exa Networks offer high quality ADSL connections, customers at larger businesses will find that bandwidth is quickly split up between devices, resulting in a slow connection speed.

FTTC: Fibre To The Cabinet uses a combination of optic fibre and copper lines, letting you get better speeds than ADSL lines provide. Optical cables run to street cabinets just a short distance from your premises, while copper cables are used to finish the connection. We offer a few levels of FTTC, from 10 Mbps to 76 Mbps, giving you a range of choices. Like ADSL2+, FTTC offers enough bandwidth for a relatively small business, but larger companies may struggle. We also offer EOFTTC lines and more, giving your business complete flexibility and choice.

Leased Lines: One of the more powerful options for business internet around, leased lines use a fibre optic configuration to give your company an incredible connection. With Exa Networks, you can choose a connection speed which actually works for your business. From 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps (1000 times faster), you choose exactly how fast your internet works. Leased lines also offer symmetrical speeds, so you can upload just as fast as you download.

While leased lines offer high quality connections, they are frequently expensive and don’t offer the potential for easy upgrades that you can get with DarkLight. We’d absolutely recommend DarkLight for any business looking for top-quality internet - contact us on 0345 145 1234 to find out whether DarkLight will become available in your area soon.