Our Computing MOOC hits 10,000 Users!

Discover the exa.foundation Computing MOOC

As schools across the country head back to class, we’ve been working to update our GCSE Computer Science MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for the new term, and we’re extremely proud to announce that we’ve just hit a major milestone, with over 10,000 users now registered for our course!

Designed to support Computing teachers make their way through a recently revised GCSE, our MOOC features comprehensive information and educational resources to support the theory sections of GCSE Computer Science. Providing a centralised, convenient set of resources and assessments, the MOOC allows teachers and students to track their own learning progress, while hugely freeing up lesson time to focus on the practical programming, algorithms and Computational Thinking elements of the course.

We launched our MOOC just over a year ago, in time for the first year of the new GCSEs, and we’re incredibly proud to have reached a full 10,000 registered users in such a short time!

Effectively teaching Computing with our MOOC

Once you’ve signed up for the MOOC (read on for more information on doing this), you’ll have full access to the MOOC (or 13 of the 40 weekly topics with a free trial), which can be used in a number of ways, integrating with your current approach to the classroom.

For every topic, you’ll find a complete collection of resources - relevant sections from books, useful websites and in-depth videos covering the various parts of each section, broken down into the 40 different topics that our MOOC addresses.

After adding your students to the MOOC, they’ll have full access to useful resources, and can take tests on all the topics covered within. We’ve designed these tests to give you an accurate look at how your students are performing, letting you understand any areas where additional support may be needed, another effective tool for the classroom.

Using the exa.foundation MOOC

With schools going back, now’s the perfect time to see how our MOOC can make a real, measurable difference for your classroom. We offer a totally free trial for the first 13 topics covered by our MOOC (roughly a term’s worth of resources and support), with a full subscription costing just £100 + VAT annually - all profits go right back into funding exa.foundation activities.

If your school is an Exa Education customer, signing up for the MOOC is absolutely free, as part of our work to give you the best service around.

To sign up for the trial, with absolutely no obligation to continue if the course doesn’t suit your teaching methods, send an email to info@exa.foundation with the subject line ‘J276 MOOC’, and our team will quickly register you.

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