DarkLight Shortlisted at Bradford Means Business Awards!

DarkLight at the Bradford Means Business Awards

As a Bradford-based company, we at Exa Networks are very pleased to have recently been nominated for the Bradford Means Business Awards, an annual award ceremony designed to celebrate and promote the best local businesses across a wide range of categories. Organised by local newspaper the Telegraph and Argus in partnership with Bradford Council and the Bradford Chamber, the awards are a major local event, and take place on Thursday the 6th of July.

This year, we’re proud to have been shortlisted for the Business or Technical Innovation of the Year for our DarkLight Internet connectivity! Built to provide a unique level of service to schools and businesses across the UK, DarkLight launched in Bradford and Leeds last year, and has since become available in cities across Yorkshire as the first step of our rollout.

We’re looking forward to the awards ceremony – expect updates through our Twitter page @ExaNetworks! Read on to find out just why DarkLight’s been shortlisted for the award…

The Bradford Means Business Awards logo

What makes DarkLight unique?

The Business or Technical Innovation of the Year award is designed to celebrate up-and-coming products that fill a gap in the market and which make a genuinely positive impact for local business. We believe DarkLight’s a very strong contender here. Designed to make ultrafast Internet connectivity more accessible than ever for our customers, DarkLight provides incredible Internet speeds and reliability while cutting a huge amount off the cost of similarly powerful services.

While there’s a whole range of technical innovations behind DarkLight, there’s three main advantages it grants users (along with many more bonuses – head to the website or give us a call at 0345 145 1234 if you want to find out more about these):

Faster than Ultrafast: Every single DarkLight line currently supports 10 Gbps speeds, some of the fastest commercially available in the world, and far more than practically any business will ever need. This makes sure that users get the exact performance they need at absolutely all times. That’s not ‘up to’ 10 Gbps – it’s what our users can receive, no tricks involved.

Fantastic Prices: While business Internet connectivity is more expensive than residential services for many reasons, we’re doing our part to bring down the cost and make ultrafast service more accessible to SMEs – that’s why DarkLight prices start at the equivalent of £299 + VAT/ month for 100 Mbps, with faster services delivering even better value for money.

Future-Proofed Internet: Once a DarkLight connection’s installed, it’s designed to provide great performance forever. With bandwidth requirements increasing over time, DarkLight lets users adjust their speeds to meet their requirements, whether that’s speeding up from 100 Mbps to 300, or even bringing in multi-gigabit connectivity.