Moments from the Bradford Gigabit City launch

Exa Networks and CityFibre team up for Bradford Gigabit City launch

A look at the Bradford Gigabit City launch

Last night, we co-hosted the Bradford Gigabit City launch with our partners CityFibre, an event designed to introduce businesses across Bradford to the incredible potential that multi-gigabit internet brings. We’re proud to announce that the event was a success, with a wide range of attendees turning up, and some great discussion being had.

We’ve written up this page to show you most of what took place throughout the Gigabit City launch, whether you weren’t able to attend or just fancy a look back at some of the biggest points brought up throughout the evening.

A Gigabit City is an area where ultrafast gigabit internet is available, and Bradford is one of the latest of these cities. To give you an idea of the scale involved, basic gigabit internet is fast enough to download a full terabyte of data in about two and a half hours - world class speeds. We’re offering ultrafast DarkLight internet connections to businesses and schools across Bradford (and other cities like Leeds and Milton Keynes) with easily adjustable speeds from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps (10,000 Mbps) - all coming at far lower prices than leased lines cost.

What happened at the Gigabit City launch?

Our Gigabit City launch took place at Bradford’s iconic National Media Museum on the 2nd of June, and saw everyone from business owners to city councillors showing up. After a short welcome, the launch really started off with speeches and presentations exploring different aspects of Bradford’s new status as a Gigabit City.

Exa co-founder Mark Cowgill started out with a quick speech welcoming attendees, and explaining our continued focus on Bradford - as a Bradford-based business, we’re dedicated to working within the city, and we’re extremely proud to be supporting the area with gigabit internet speeds.

After that quick intro, CityFibre commercial director Rob Hamlin took the stage for an in-depth look at the current state of internet around the UK and how the introduction of gigabit connectivity will benefit Bradford’s businesses and schools. Amongst other points raised, Rob Hamlin brought up a few case studies about the organisations that have seen particularly great benefits from gigabit connectivity, demonstrating the real, positive effects that Bradford can now experience.

A look at CityFibre and Exa's plan for Bradford's Gigabit infrastructure

Following this, Mark Cowgill took the stage again to talk about Exa’s position in the market, and to introduce our DarkLight gigabit internet connections. Right now, Exa is one of the largest providers of internet services for schools in the UK, a position we’ve earned with our focus on bringing schools exactly what they’re looking for at a low price, and which we hope to improve with our DarkLight connections.

Exa's current position as an ISP

DarkLight’s built to be entirely future proof - a claim which may raise some eyebrows. A whole lot of ‘future proof’ technology has become obsolete over the years - without the ability to change, technology can become quickly outdated. That’s why DarkLight is completely, conveniently upgradable.

There will come a point where even a gigabit connection is insufficient, but by the time that happens, you’ll be able to upgrade your connection speeds with no additional construction being necessary. BT has recently achieved 5.6 terabit speeds on a fibre optic cable like those DarkLight uses, and it will eventually be possible to get speeds like that and above with DarkLight. Given how a 5.6 terabit line is enough to download around 40 TB a minute (equivalent to 800 full dual-layer Blu-Rays), you can be sure that DarkLight will provide your organisation with world class internet speeds for decades to come.

Our banner explores a range of DarkLight's unique features

A final presentation from Bradford City Council chief executive Kersten England took a look across Bradford’s history, culture and future. Kersten placed a heavy emphasis on the need for a sea change in how internet is perceived and provided, comparing it to other essential utilities like water.

Kersten England takes to the stage for the Bradford Gigabit city launch

If you’re looking for more information about Darklight, just head to our DarkLight Business page, where you’ll find a look at how our internet connections can help your business. CityFibre also has a Gigabit Bradford page where you can find a bit more info and register your interest in ultrafast internet.