Breaking through with Bradford

Introducing Bradford Breakthough

At Exa Networks, we’re proud to support our home city of Bradford on a lot of different levels. On a day-to-day basis, we support local companies and schools with low-cost access to world-class connectivity, while promoting key voucher schemes (like the Gigabit Connectivity Voucher programme) to cut down adoption costs for ultrafast connectivity even further.

We’re also an active member in several key programmes to help develop Bradford - last month, we started promoting the Bradford Business Improvement District, a fantastic 5-year plan to help improve the city’s appearance, popular reputation, community structure and promote local businesses.

Right now, Bradford is one of the fastest connected cities in the entire UK. With DarkLight connectivity available across a huge amount of the city, thousands of schools and businesses can receive world-class 10 Gbps speeds courtesy of our future-proof line design.

However, making Bradford the best it can be isn’t just a short term project, and it’s not just a matter of building up high-performance technology - it’s a case of changing attitudes over time, both for those in/ around Bradford and those further afield. One of the great Bradford-focused organisations we’re working with is Bradford Breakthrough, who’ve been working for years to help make Bradford a far better place for residents and businesses.

Driving a number of projects from community-focused events to cultural development campaigns, Bradford Breakthrough have made a real difference over the years, helping to establish a solid foundation on which developments like the Bradford BID strategy have been constructed. We’re proud to be working as part of Bradford Breakthrough, alongside a number of other fantastic local organisations like the University of Bradford, the Science and Media Museum, and far more.