Predicting the future at Bett 2017

Visiting Bett Futures 2017

While most of the edtech companies at the Bett show are well established, and have been running for quite some time, one of the most interesting areas you’ll find at the exhibition is dedicated to the very latest startups, and the incredibly innovative products and services that they provide. Started up back in 2015, Bett Futures gives startups the chance to have thousands of teachers discover their products, and is now one of the busiest parts of the Bett show.

In the last part of our Bett recap, we’re taking a look at some of the most interesting stands and companies from this year’s Bett Futures. Over the years, there’s been a whole lot of successful stands from the area - take a look at Bett’s overview of LearnerVerse for a great example.

Below, we’ve taken a quick look at three of our personal favourite stands from this year’s Bett Futures - not an endorsement, just some things which we think are interesting in one way or another.

Best of Bett Futures 2017

Spiral: - Spiral believe that collaborative learning is majorly important for students, and have developed four great apps to make it easier than ever for students in schools with a BYOD policy to work together on tasks and projects. Spiral provide their services completely free to schools, recovering the costs by selling to businesses. The company’s four apps cover the following areas:

Quickfire - Lets teachers set quick tests for students, and gives them the ability to get an in-depth look at how their students are working through the questions.

Discuss - Allows teachers to create interactive presentations, and gives students the ability to leave comments, discussing particular parts of the presentation.

Team Up - Sorts students into teams, and allows them to collaboratively work on presentations, building teamwork, delegation and presentation skills.

Clip - Allows teachers to transform any video into a live chatroom, while inserting quizzes to make sure that learners are actively paying attention.

Erase All Kittens: - Not as worrying as the name might sound, Erase All Kittens is an interesting take on edutainment software designed to improve Computing skills. Essentially, the system allows learners to directly affect how elements in the game world function by editing the code (primarily HTML), ensuring that learning comes with direct results. According to the team, the game’s picked up 80,000 players across the world, with a huge number of them being interested in developing their Computing skills further. Particularly important to note, the team have focussed on interesting girls with the software, creating a product that anyone can enjoy.

Invent!: - While build-your own robotics kits aren’t the most uncommon product at Bett, Invent takes a bit of a different approach to the idea - while most kits use Raspberry Pi or BBC micro:bit units as the ‘brain’, Invent is a completely all-in-one kit with an Arduino-type board, ensuring that the whole thing is usable out the box - this board can be changed out for other devices, allowing for particularly flexible lesson plans.