Our MOOC shortlisted for Bett Awards

Exa at the 2018 Bett Awards

One of the biggest trade shows for education in the world, the Bett Show is a major event in our annual calendar here at Exa Education, bringing in tens of thousands of educators and learners from across the world for a huge 4-day event in January.

Giving attendees a chance to explore the best technology available for education, from Internet connectivity to VR gear, Raspberry Pi and more, along with demonstrations, presentations and networking, Bett has some fantastic opportunities for all those attending.

This year, we’re particularly pleased to have been shortlisted for the show’s Bett Awards, held on the first evening of the show (24th January). Designed to celebrate the innovators and game-changers in the world of edtech, the Bett Awards are a highly prestigious, much-sought after trophy for companies working with schools and academies.

In the past, we’ve picked up awards for our stands at the show, along with a wide range of nominations - including last year’s ICT Service and Support award. This year, we’re proud to have been shortlisted for the Secondary Content Bett Award for the work we’ve done on our GCSE Computer Science MOOC!

Discover the exa.foundation MOOC

Launched in September last year, our exa.foundation MOOC is a fantastic tool designed to support teachers working with a recently-changed specification for GCSE Computer Science, collecting resources, tests, information and support about the course in a convenient, easily usable environment.

The MOOC is designed to support a flipped learning approach, whereby students learn about the topics they’ll be covering at home, with class time giving learners the chance to get more direct, personalised and beneficial support than is available in traditional teaching methods.

Over the year, we’ve reached some incredible milestones with our MOOC - we hit a full 10,000 registered users just before schools went back in September, and have picked up a few thousand more users since then. We’ve had some great feedback on the course, with teachers across the country using the course to hugely cut down their stress, develop their understanding and give themselves the chance to focus on directly supporting students in the classroom.

We provide access to our MOOC completely free to all schools using connectivity services from Exa, while collecting a small annual free from non-Exa users, entirely used to fund the further development of the MOOC - and other activities from our not-for-profit exa.foundation.