Looking back at Exa (and our partners) at Bett 2018

Exa at Bett 2018

One of our biggest events of the year, the Bett Show is a fantastic opportunity for teachers, school employees and others to explore the most effective classroom tech and approaches to edtech around, from powerful services to brand-new options and possibilities. We’ve just returned from Bett 2018, so we’re taking a look back at everything from the show in this 2-part series.

Along with the Exa team, hundreds of companies from around the world head down to Bett every year, including a number of our partners, organisations whose services we offer to our customers, and friends of Exa. With everyone heading to Bett for a different reason, we took some time to explore and see what some of our partners and friends were looking to promote and talk about at this year’s Bett Show:

Exa and our Partners at the 2018 Bett Show

Exa Education: At our Bett stand this year, we worked to take our visitors back to school, with an education-themed stand (pictured below) and completely free, expert advice on practically anything affecting schools, from edtech solutions to the effects of GDPR (more on that set to follow - stay tuned!). Along with that, we’ve been showing off some of the incredible services that we’ve added since last year’s Bett Show, including SurfProtect Quantum, the latest version of our SurfProtect content filtering service, increased availability for ultrafast DarkLight Internet, and a number of services from the following:

Take a look at our school-themed stand from Bett 2018 A second look at the Exa Education stand from Bett this year

Fortinet: Leading cybersecurity company Fortinet cover a huge range of areas, protecting students and schools across the world. Last year, we started offering our customers access to Fortinet’s market-leading range of FortiGate firewalls, helping to ensure total network protection across the board. With advanced design, round-the-clock research and heavy customisability, FortiGate firewalls can make a big difference to any school’s cybersecurity policy.

A partial view of the Fortinet stand from Bett 2018 FortiGate in action at Bett 2018

NetSupport: Specialising in creating effective software solutions covering a wide range of potential issues, NetSupport always have a whole lot to talk about at the Bett Show, with this year’s periodic table-styled design clearly showing the sheer range of the services they offer. As part of our commitment to supporting school safety, we offer our customers low-cost licenses for the fantastic NetSupport DNA, a cost-saving asset management solution which also incorporates incredible student safeguarding features for schools.

A look at the NetSupport stand from the 2018 Bett Show Some of the great critical acclaim for NetSupport's services

Joskos Solutions: Providing Internet solutions to schools around the country, Joskos are one of the fantastic resellers and partners that we work with to ensure that as many schools and academies as possible benefit from the high-performance Internet services that we offer. Like Exa, Joskos have picked up a variety of nominations and trophies at the Bett Awards - including a nomination for the Service and Support trophy this year!

The Joskos Solutions stand from Bett 2018 Another side of the Joskos Solutions stand from this year's Bett

Bett’s about far more than us and our partners - check back tomorrow for a look through some of the major things we discovered and learnt at this year’s Bett Show!