How flexible internet from Exa has helped Wind Farms

Flexible internet packages for eco-friendly industries

Today and tomorrow (the 4th and 5th of May), the team at Exa Networks are hosting a stand over at Glasgow’s All-Energy, the UK’s largest event for the renewable and sustainable energy industry. You’ll find our stand (pictured below) located over at D31, with our team ready to answer your questions about our flexible internet for businesses.

You might be questioning how internet connections really fit in with the other eco-focused products and services being exhibited at All-Energy. That’s why we’ve written this post - we want to show you one of the ways that our flexible business internet has helped save sustainable energy companies money.

The Exa Networks stand at All-Energy

Flexible internet for wind farms

While most of Exa Networks’ clients are schools and offices, we’ve worked to provide high quality internet connections to a large number of wind farms. We’re the ISP of choice for wind farms due to our complete flexibility - we will work with your business to create a completely bespoke packages that achieves exactly what you’re looking for without charging you for anything you don’t need.

Our ability to provide bespoke internet connections is particularly useful given the unique requirements that wind farms have. Most businesses, schools and individuals need to download more data than they upload, which is why the majority of internet connections have significantly faster download speeds than they do uploads.

To put it simply, wind farms don’t need particularly fast download speeds. What they do need is an upload speed fast enough to send out the huge amount of data they generate, along wth completely reliable connections.

The SCADA telemetry that is generated from each outlet, whether wind turbine or hydro generator, needs to be seen at the operation HQ, and it’s this routing of SCADA telemetry that sets us apart.

By creating a bespoke VPN we ensure that all parts of a renewable energy farm are connected and monitored. Our GSM failover system provides a reliable back up should traditional connectivity systems fail - making sure that the data transfer is not affected.

Finally, our ability to pre-assign IP and subnet addresses means that we can hit operational deadlines, rather than running over and costing you money.

Traditional ISPs hugely overcharge wind farms for uploads, and that’s where Exa Networks step in.

We’ve provided wind farms with internet connections that put uploads first. By offering completely bespoke internet connection options we’ve been able to save our wind farm customers a huge amount of money on their internet bills, helping to support sustainable energy companies.

Whether you’re operating a wind farm or dam, or are just interested in getting bespoke, high quality internet services for your business, come and meet the Exa Networks team at All-Energy stand D31, or get in touch at 0345 145 1234.