Power up your Internet with Exa Networks!

Innovative, Reliable Connectivity for Energy Providers

Heading to All-Energy, the UK’s largest event dedicated to renewable energy? Make sure that you don’t miss out on visiting Exa Networks over at stand F31! We’re the single best choice around for the unique Internet connectivity requirements required to keep your facilities running reliably at all times, with experience in provisioning services for wind farms and more, all across the UK and mainland Europe.

We’re one of the few ISPs to specialise in delivering bespoke services, with our experience meaning that we’re able to stand out in some key areas for renewable energy firms, delivering a truly unmatched level of service, all while being fully Achilles UVDB registered.

Our stand for the 2017 All-Energy show in Glasgow

Firstly, we work to minimise build times, while being able to provide you with your IP address and subnet masks from the time you place an order (rather than having to wait for construction to be complete, as is the case with most other ISPs), while our 3/4G connections can be used to start your Internet running from the moment you’re ready, until our wired connections are in place.

Once everything’s up and running, our 3/4G service provides a backup service to ensure continuous operation in any scenario, giving you the complete level of reliability that you require, whether you’re transferring operation data or remotely operating via SCADA telemetry. We’re dedicated to delivering you real reliability across the whole year, with our network itself practically never experiencing downtime (with 100% uptime in 2015, for instance).

We provide high-performance connectivity that’s completely ideal for renewable energy companies - along with many other options, we’re able to accommodate the many companies who want to transfer large amounts of data from their plants to their office, providing connections with high upload speeds rather than the high download performance other users typically require.

At this year’s All-Energy show, we’re in a fantastic location over at stand F31, just a short walk over from registration! Come over and find out just how much of a difference Internet services from Exa Networks can make for your business (or give our team a call at 0345 145 1234 if you’re not at the show!) You can also take a look at what we’ve got to offer your business through our energy Internet solutions page - just click through for more.