Supporting Advanced Technology with Superfast Connectivity

Opening up new possibilities with ultrafast Internet

Ultrafast connectivity makes a real difference for a huge range of businesses, helping them run more efficiently, improving day-to-day reliability while often cutting costs, particularly in the long term. However, that’s far from all that ultrafast Internet service offers companies. Ultrafast connectivity opens a lot of doors for businesses, making it far easier to use a wide range of advanced technology.

In this post, we’re taking a look at some of that advanced technology, exploring some of the fantastic ways that ultrafast Internet connectivity like our market-leading DarkLight service helps businesses hugely improve the services that they’re able to offer clients.

While many of the services we’ll take a look at below are somewhat specialised, superfast connectivity isn’t just about bringing in new technology - it’s about providing businesses with a far more solid foundation for their day-to-day work, while often helping to cut the cost of lower-performance connectivity. Head over to our DarkLight business page to find out a bit more about exactly how effective superfast connectivity can be for companies like yours (or give our team a call at 0345 145 1234).

Exploring a few ultrafast technology options

Exploring Big Data: While the trend for using Big Data in every possible circumstance has largely died down, there’s a lot of businesses and organisations who can actually benefit from analysing huge data sets - designers, scientists, and many more. Ultrafast connectivity makes it far easier for companies to collect, share and analyse data, cutting out a major source of frustration and delays.

3D Scanning, Design and Imaging: Whether it’s scanning objects for 3D printing, building out architectural designs, or surveying an area in 3D for effective planning, 3D imaging takes up a huge amount of computing capacity and storage, traditionally making it extremely time-consuming for businesses to share and collaborate on work. With every one of our DarkLight lines currently allowing for world-class, uncontended 10 Gbps upload speeds, we’re able to help designers, surveyors and other 3D-related businesses vastly speed up their workflow, making a real difference on a day-to-day basis.

Ultra HD Video Streaming: Streaming live events is becoming more and more expected, whether it’s business conferences, sporting events or press conferences. With ultrafast Internet connectivity, businesses and venues have the ability to stream in incredibly high quality without having to worry about impacting other connectivity-dependent services like Wi-Fi.

Maximising Cloud Performance: Cloud backup can make a real difference for businesses, often offering an extra layer of security for a backup plan. However, in many cases, Cloud storage can present something of a problem. With a relatively low upload speed, backing up to the Cloud (particularly initial setup) can take a huge amount of time - it’s hardly uncommon to see businesses running a single backup at the end of each workday, resulting in a lot of inefficiency and wasted time.

With symmetrical ultrafast connectivity, this timing issue can be totally resolved - with DarkLight speeds starting at 300 Mbps, we’ve helped a lot of businesses start to use real-time Cloud backup across their organisations, vastly improving reliability and efficiency.

Effective Co-Working: Co-working spaces, where multiple SMEs work in one great location, are increasingly popular in the modern day, with dedicated office space coming at a premium. With multiple companies working online at the same time, ultrafast connectivity ensures that every business in the space gets high performance, reliable connectivity exactly when they need it, rather than having to deal with slowdown at vital times.

We’re proud to be providing ultrafast connectivity to a fantastic selection of co-working spaces for emerging businesses - the Leeds Beckett University Business Centres, run by the University as a way to give startups critical support, training and networking to help them get through their early years.